Interview With an Artist - Willy Russo

Adam Norton

26 February 2022

Adam Norton creates art with his analogue mind trying to deal with our deep tech life. Listen to the interview here.

UK born, Australian based artist Adam Norton creates work in a mix of forms such as installations, painting and film.

His creative practice revolves around how technology impacts the human experience. The perfect question to marry his love of science and art.

In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we chat about Adam’s childhood in Africa and how it influences his work today, what it was like studying art at Oxford, and the cumulative process of Adam’s work and how it can start as a small object made in the studio and then evolve into him being in a space suit.

A couple of other highlights from our conversation was Adam’s social media /pub conversation analogy, and why his broom is the one thing in his studio he couldn’t go without.