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Longing for Boijmans
01 June – 07 July 2024
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL

Longing for Boijmans is a special project in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, which is celebrating its 175th anniversary. 'The Overpainting Painting' (Overschilderschilderij) was exhibited at the museum in 2014, when it already had 100 layers of overpainting. During Longing for Boijmans, visitors will first see Eva Krause’s layer, then Adam Norton will add to The Overpainting.

The Garden of Time
15 April – 27 April 2024
La Storta, Venezia Contemporanea, Venice, Italy

Taking its title from J. G. Ballard’s nostalgic short story of impending doom, The Garden of Time presents the work of six diverse artists ranging from Northern Europe across to Western Australia. With playful and very different approaches to painting, photography or object-making, the thoughtfully curated works in the exhibition coalesce and radiate in surprising ways, like a garden gone wild. Despite an imploding world outside, they invite quiet contemplation as they tease-out fresh perspectives, showcase cultural diversity, and cultivate connections between Australia and the Netherlands.

MAXIMUM MADNESS: Art Inspired by Mad Max
16 March – 30 June 2024
Rockhampton Museum of Art

George Miller’s genre-defining Mad Max film series has grown from a tense, low budget Ozsploitation cult hit into a sprawling post apocalypse action opera, redefining science fiction along the way. A complex and compelling mashup of biker, S/M, gearhead, Queer and beefcake cultures and their associated aesthetics, Mad Max has become a cosplay favourite, and has become massively influential in cultural terms, being ripped off, satirised and idolised by sources as varied as The Simpsons, Phil Collins, video games and pro wrestling.

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