Giant Badges
01 October – 29 October 2022
Contour 556, Canberra, ACT
Chrome City
19 March – 31 March 2022
Durden & Ray, Los Angeles
The Handbook for the Apocalypse
16 February – 13 March 2022
Galerie pompom

How to save yourself and your loved ones in the face of overwhelming odds.



Giant Badges
06 January – 01 March 2021
Barrack St, Sydney

 + EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 2022 + For Barrack Street I decided it would be a great idea to mount some of my Giant Badges onto lampposts and make them appear to be like giant lollipops planted above the heads of people walking by. The badges also needed to be printed with archival inks to survive the outdoor conditions. This gave me a fresh opportunity to respond directly to a shift in the nature of the course of the pandemic.

Giant Badges
24 June – 19 July 2020
Galerie pompom, Sydney

I always have a favourite badge attached to a well-liked jacket. Currently my jackets sport the badges ‘Mars or Bust’, ‘New Mexico’, ‘End Coal’ and the boyishly entertaining ‘Arizona Sheriff’. The right badge on the right jacket stills seems to me to be cool. A mini snapshot of my intellectual and aesthetic progress at any one time.

Meteor Crater
21 November – 24 November 2019
Cementa 19, Kandos, NSW

On Thursday the 21st of November, at 10am local time, a meteor struck the rural town of Kandos, New South Wales. It landed with a very loud explosion, which rattled windows in the town and scared cattle grazing in a nearby field. By a huge stroke of luck it managed to miss all people, animals or buildings. Although the meteor has yet to be excavated, it created a 20 meter wide crater, over 3 meters in depth.

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