Giant Badges
01 October – 29 October 2022
Contour 556, Canberra, ACT


Chrome City
19 March – 31 March 2022
Durden & Ray, Los Angeles

The main idea of this show is to speculate if Sydney, Australia, a sprawling conurbation of coastal and landlocked suburbs, has anything artistically in common with the metropolis of Los Angeles. I am also speculating that there is such a thing as Australian cool, which might reflect or correspond with a perception held that LA art is definitely cool.

Handbook for the Apocalypse
16 February – 13 March 2022
Galerie pompom, Sydney

The title of Adam Norton’s exhibition, A Handbook for the Apocalypse, contextualises it as a how-to guide for surviving catastrophic situations. Norton’s practice has consistently examined how to refit everyday material into an arsenal of tools with which to survive apocalyptic, extraordinary circumstances. In a time of general global crisis, his explorations feel all the more relevant.

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