Our Lucky Country (Still Different)

08 December – 03 February 2007

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre

The Our Lucky Country project was a series of two exhibitions sparked by the now infamous ‘Cronulla riots.’

The first exhibition in December 2006 subtitled (difference) examined and responded to issues of identity, trust, culture and community. This second exhibition in the series titled (still different) sees the same group of 16 artists commissioned to make new work that articulates an understanding of cultural difference in the community, and in particular the Sutherland Shire. Throughout 2007 these artists engaged in a residency program at the cottage on the grounds of Hazelhurst, where they had the opportunity to connect with the Sutherland Shire community to produce new work. For some, the experience challenged perceptions polarised by the events of 2005. Others have chosen to reflect on a broader jostling and argument about the state of our multicultural society today.

Participating artists: Ron Adams, Liam Benson, Maria Cruz, Elizabeth Day, Sarah Goffman, Michelle Hanlin, Soda_Jerk, Ruark Lewis, Adam Norton, Anna Peters, Nana Ohnesorge, Nuha Saad, Huseyin Sami, George Tillianakis and Mimi Tong.

Curated by Ron & George Adams

Camouflage Suit Experiment
mixed media
Dimensions variable

Camouflage Suit Experiment - install detail

Camouflage Suit Experiment - install detail

Camouflage Suit Experiment - install detail