Giant Leap

20 July – 08 September 2019

Casula Powerhouse

Giant Leap, Casula Powerhouse, 2019, marks the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which saw the first human step foot on another planetary object. The exhibition brings together documentary material from the era and new commissioned artworks celebrating the human desire to reach out to the stars.

Space Couch Family represents the artist's own family cast as a set of three unique space seats, each one moulded into the individual's exact shape, and prepared with their own personal effects. Although they are built in a similar way to the method used for Soviet seats now, all the parts are sourced from ordinary home renovation depots.

This work represent the moment when Space Exploration might become a choice or necessity for all.'Goodbye Earth' is related to 'Space Couch Family'. It is the moment of departure from Earth of an ordinary family, set to the soundtrack of much applauding, Soviet propaganda music and original American Apollo recordings.'Space Badge, Apollo 11' is a giant recreation of an original souvenir badge or button, produced to cash in on the moment Apollo 11 reached the moon. Many badges of different design were sold all over the world at the time, and were treasured by young kids dreaming of future space flights and other adventures.

Video: Vera Hong and Craig Bender
Video production stills: Vera Hong