Canberra Art Biennial

01 October – 29 October 2022

Queen Elizabeth Terrace, Canberra ACT

For Canberra Art Biennial I have installed works from Giant Badges, an ongoing series of large round text works taking the exact form of old school lapel badges but enlarged to over a metre in size. The colourful designs of the badges draw from my nostalgia for the pop music, science fiction and political activism of my youth.

However, since their initial conception in 2020, the recent works in the series have also responded to the emergencies we are living through. In this expanded iteration, eight new badges have been added reflecting and updating recent themes, and appropriately for Canberra, touching on some politically charged subject matter.

Adam Norton, Giant Badges, 2020-2022, vinyl print on shaped aluminium, each 110 x 110 x 10 cm. Eight of these works were originally commissioned by the City of Sydney. Project production: Claire Taylor, GREYSPACE.

Photos by Felipe Olivares