Cosmic Trip


Belmore Station, Sydney

Cosmic Trip is a speculative journey through the night sky. It depicts planets, stars, galaxies and astral phenomena as they swirl around together in interstellar space.

Cosmic Trip is a fantastical journey constructed from an accumulation of small drawings and collages on graph papers, and made with pencil, biro and typewriters, with rips, cuts and glue. The drawings are enlarged, coloured and combined into the two large glass panels. The tiny marks from the original drawings and papers are still visible in the finished work. Cosmic Trip celebrated the possibilities of future travel and where our imagination might take us.

Transparent graphic film interlayer between laminated glass, 2 panels, 3 x 1.3 metres and 2.7 x 1.3 metres.

The artwork was developed in collaboration Claire Taylor, GREYSPACE, and with the assistance of X Squared Design. Commissioned by Transport NSW.

Photos: Felipe Olivares