Conquest Of Space: Science Fiction In Contemporary Art

22 May – 05 July 2014

Galleries UNSW, Paddington

Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art features more than 40 artworks exploring important stories in the history of the science fiction genre. This exhibition reveals previously unexplored intersections between science fiction (SF) and art. Science fiction and art have long been connected by a set of related interests such as technology and formal expressions.

Science fiction in its most popular manifestations, such as literature and cinema, expresses cultural anxieties and desires through a set of concepts, tropes and themes shared with the visual arts.

This multi-faceted project is presented in partnership with ABC TV, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, and is led by the exhibition curator, documentary host and COFA lecturer, Dr Andrew Frost.


Conquest Of Space, 2012, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 137 x 183cm,