Camouflage Suit Experiment


Six hooded overalls were made from various domestic fabrics, together with canvas shoes painted to match. The artist was filmed wearing the different suits and shoes, trying to fit into or hide in different places around the landscape of the Cronulla peninsular, including the beach where the riots kicked off.

The film plays inside the open lid of an old suitcase, surrounded by a display of the suits. The audience can then make a judgment on the effectiveness of each disguise and whether or not the artist fits into the different locations.

Camouflage Suit Experiment was made in response to the Cronulla race riots in New South Wale in 2005. The footage for the work was filmed in the area, whilst on a residency at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, and shown there in Our Lucky Country, Still Different in 2009. The Exhibition was curated by Ron and George Adams.

Camouflage Suit Experiment, 2007, DVD & mixed media installation, dimensions variable