01 June – 30 September 2009

A series of painted works based on existing Bunker doors explored and photographed in two cities a month apart. It is the record of a series of separate walks taken in Sydney and Los Angeles. The first set of walks around the old Bunker Hill district of Downtown Los Angeles, looking for traces of the cheap rental district described in the novels of John Fante and Charles Bukowski.

The second set of walks ranged around in Sydney, traced the war-time fortifications that dot the three headlands that protect the harbor. These fortifications, derelict since the second world war where periodically renewed and updated whenever Australia or the commonwealth found its self at war.

The connection between the two is initially just the word bunker, and then the discovery of the contemporary bunker on Bunker Hill, and the WW2 bunkers on Sydney's South Head. Then some strange overlap around the 1930's. John Fante's novel, 'Ask The Dust' was published in 1939. In my head, the two places mysteriously join.

Bunker Entrance (South Head), 2009, synthetic polymer paint on canvas,