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Adam Norton's Mars Gravity Simulator

Altair Roelants, Art Monthly Australia, page 8 - 9, #241, July 2011

Norton’s Mars Gravity Simulator is based on a scientific apparatus and test scenario developed by NASA during the Apollo era in the 1960s, which the artist has updated to suit conditions on Mars. Such experiments then, and contemporary models now, are used to measure the effects of reduced gravity on human movement and fitness, and to test spacesuit prototypes against these environmental strains. Norton conceived of the MGS after visiting NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)1 in Pasadena, California, the work forming part of the artist’s ongoing body of research, the Das Marsprojekt (2009-present) – an area of interest in part because a manned mission to Mars still remains a goal of human space exploration today. This clever but surprisingly simple
experiment that the production team at Performance Space helped Norton to construct involves the test-subject being horizontally rigged up to five ropes and slings suspended from a central axis point fixed to the ceiling at one-third off the perpendicular (approximately the gravity of Mars). {Excerpt}

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