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Bunker Entrance (South Head)

2009, acrylic on canvas, wooden frame, 188cm x 162cm x 330cm

Beyond Belief: the Sublime in Contemporary Art

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
31 March ā€“ 4 June 2017

From the C17th onwards there has been a recurring preoccupation with the idea of an art that inspires awe and wonder: the sublime.
Historically associated with the natural landscape it remains to contemporary artists using elements of hyper realism, trompe lā€™oeil,
scale, illogic and biology to reinvent the concept of the sublime for modern audiences. Artists include: Daniel Askill, Daniel Crooks,
Michael Gallop, Sam Jinks, Christopher Langton, Ron Mueck, Adam Norton, Baden Pailthorpe, Patricia Piccinini and Ricky Swallow.

A Bathurst Regional Art Gallery exhibition by Richard Perram OAM